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About us

The Norwegian Space Agency (NOSA) is operating on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries. Our responsibility is to follow up the Norwegian space policy, contribute to space activities that address societal change, facilitate growth and development of the Norwegian space sector. 

Our mission

Our vision focus on positioning Norway as the foremost beneficiary of space activities. The vision is based on the idea that space can solve important needs in society, and foster a positive impact on innovation, knowledge exchange, the environment and society. 

We coordinate Norwegian space policy and industry to develop the Norwegian space sector. Additionally, we are entrusted with the responsibility of enabling the government to harness Norwegian space efforts in a safe and efficient manner and ensure that public grants are used efficiently. Focus areas include industry and business, societal benefit, consumer benefit, and research. 

Our mission entails ensuring that the Norwegian space industry is internationally competitive, and that space operations are utilized for purposes beyond the space sector. 

To fulfil Norway´s aspirations we are actively participating in the European Space Agency´s (ESA) initiatives, the EU program and have bilateral agreements with several countries and organisations. We have overseen Norway´s membership in ESA since 1987. 

Our Values

The Norwegian Space Agency´s values describe who we are, what we represent, and what matters to us in carrying out our mission. As employees at the Norwegian Space Agency, we are:


We are approachable and helpful as advisors and colleagues. Through dialogue and collaboration, we work to find solutions that meet national needs and desires.


We are open and consistent in our actions. Our work is based on well-founded assessments, grounded in expertise and integrity.


We are curious and knowledge-seeking. We identify opportunities to develop and harness space technology and satellite data for the future.


The Norwegian Space Agency operates through four interconnected departments which are collaboratively working for growth within the space industry. 

Organizational chart.

Christian Hauglie-Hanssen

Director General

Economy, administration and communication


Business Development and Innovation


PNT, Satcom and Security


Analysis and National Activities