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A Norwegian NASA success

The Norwegian company Sensonor, has created a sensor that is a standard component used by NASA.

November 28, 2023
NASA´s Mars Curiosity Rover has the sensor from Sensonor aboard.
NASA´s Mars Curiosity Rover has the sensor from Sensonor aboard.

Sensonor develops gyroscopes and accelerometers used in various applications, including industrial production, navigation, mapping, camera stabilization, aviation, and the defense industry.

The company also sells similar products to space organizations, the established space industry, and the emerging commercial space sector known as NewSpace. Over 100 satellites, space probes, launch vehicles, and rovers have integrated Sensonor's technology, including NASA's Curiosity rover, which has been engaged in Mars research since 2012.

Sensonor secured funding from the Norwegian Space Agency to conduct gyroscopic testing for space applications and publicly shared the test results. This played a pivotal role in drawing in additional users, particularly within the NewSpace sector, as well as the established space industry.

One of Sensonor's customers also tested one of their gyroscopes on a CubeSat and published the results in a research article. It demonstrated that the Norwegian sensor performed well in space.

NASA gave special mention to the Norwegian sensor in one of their reports. This caught the interest of various collaborators within NASA's network, leading them to adopt the same sensor for integration into satellites and other spacecraft. Over time, the Norwegian sensor has evolved into a standard component at NASA, consistently employed whenever one of their new spacecrafts necessitates a gyroscope.